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Record rainfall in Auckland claims iconic polo event

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Saturday’s iconic polo event The Land Rover NZ Polo Open has been cancelled.

The Land Rover NZ Polo Open has been cancelled due to heavy rain over the last fortnight. 

Across the first six weeks of 2018 Auckland’s rainfall has reached record levels and the consistently heavy rain on Auckland Polo Club’s grounds and an unstable weather forecast has led to the decision to cancel NZ’s most prestigious polo tournament

The Land Rover NZ Polo Open, that was to be held in Clevedon this Sunday, 18th February.

Player and pony safety has been cited as the key reason for the cancellation of this year’s iconic event.

“We have invested heavily in our grounds over the last year to cater for Auckland’s climate, however this unprecedented level of rain means the grounds are just too wet for polo”. says Hannah Marshall, Event Director of the Land Rover NZ Polo Open.

“Cancelling our event was not a decision we took lightly and while we have done everything we can to keep the competition alive, horse and player safety is our priority.”

Established in 1977 the NZ Polo Open began as a grassroots tournament and has grown significantly over four decades to become one of the most competitive polo tournaments on the global polo calendar.

In the 41 years the event has been running this is only the second time it has been cancelled.

“We are very grateful to all the polo players that came from throughout New Zealand and the international players that came from as far as Argentina, England, South Africa, Uruguay and Australia,” says Marshall.

Not only is the Land Rover NZ Polo Open a highly contested professional sporting event it is also a highlight on the nation’s social calendar, attracting over 5000 guests each year.

“Thank-you to all the support from our sponsors, polo players and to all our guests that were planning on coming out on Sunday,” says Marshall. “We hope everyone will be able to join us next year for an amazing polo experience.”

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