Reay’s thoughts: Let’s support our businesses

How lovely it was to pop out on Saturday and visit Howick.

The sun was shining, the markets open for the first time since lockdown and the locals were out in force to support local businesses. The traffic was backed up down the main street and parking was back to being a problem. Actually, it did feel like it was back to normal.

Obviously there was social distancing but the buzz was amazing.

After we left Howick we drove to Botany Town Centre and, again, people were out enjoying their new freedom and shopping. Not online but in person.

Who would have thought all those weeks ago that life could so quickly return to some sort of normal.

Times Media’s managing director Reay Neben.

I know local business – some more than others – have felt the effects of the lockdown with no income for many weeks.
I just want to reiterate that we need to shop local and please support our advertisers who bring you this paper each week.

I also want to thank all the readers who have made contact with us since we have been back printing saying how much they love getting the <ITALICS>Times and reading the local news.

That’s what we do.

Enjoy today’s paper.

Reay Neben

Managing director, Times Media