Thursday, June 13, 2024

Reay’s column:We’re publishing again

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Just like that we are at Alert Level 2 and some normality has returned.

The sun shone and we all descended on our various shopping centres to do what we haven’t done for seven weeks – shop! We all supported our local businesses and that is now what we have to do.

We are so lucky to have so many local and innovative businesses operating in our area.

The Times office has now opened for business with social distancing rules in place.

Thanks again to so many of you who made contact with us with your appreciation at the return of the printed issue in the letterbox.

Times Media’s managing director Reay Neben.

Here are just a few of your comments:

“The best things will stand the test of time- that’s why the Times is still going strong. Miss you all ??”-Jo Sykes

“Thank you for the online versions, looking forward to seeing the print return. Love getting local news, we’re so fortunate to have a real local newspaper!”-Damian Light

“Welcome back Times. You’ve done a great job reporting online through this event”-Stephen Lyon

“Well done Times – keep up the good work”-Ruth Cobb

“Congratulations for being back in print your publication has been sorely missed. Best Wishes” -Arthur Moore

Very happy to see normality return to our lives such as receiving a copy of our favourite newspaper delivered this afternoon – Val Lott

That’s awesome but we never seem to get one in our letter box. Yes we have got it tonight thank you very much – Errol Keegan

Nice to have our community paper back – Yolande Franke

Look forward to receiving our local paper tonight – Sharon Stewart


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