Rainfall bolsters dam levels

In the last 24 hours we have had between 70 to 100mm in the Hunua catchment. Photo Watercare

Heavy rainfall overnight is good news for the region’s dams.

As at 8:25am today, total dam storage was at 81.9 per cent full. Normal levels at this time of year are 90.4 per cent.

“In the last 24 hours we have had 50-65mm of rain in the Waitakere catchment and between 70 to 100mm in the Hunua catchment,” a Watercare spokesperson said.

Since November 2019, Auckland has received less than half its normal rainfall, leading to a steep decline in water storage levels in the region’s dams, from around 90 per cent full in November 2019 to 42 per cent full in May 2020.

Aucklanders have become accustomed to using less water at home.

The water consumption target for September set by Watercare is 410 million litres or less a day. Yesterday’s consumption was 385m litres and the rolling 7-day average was 378m litres.