Queue Checker becomes a lifesaver in the era of social distancing

Queue Checker is fast-becoming a lifesaver worldwide with the emergence of Covid-19 pandemic and the social distancing principle to curb the spread of the virus.

The free mobile app, which is currently available on Google Play, was designed to help shoppers save time as they visit supermarkets and stores to purchase their daily supplies by helping them to avoid queues.

Based on the principle of “sharing is caring,” the community app is designed to work with the input of users, requiring shoppers to simply choose the supermarket from the menu “in queue” and start the timer. The app monitors the duration users spend in a queue as they wait to enter the supermarket. The result of each user is then shared automatically with all users.

The app is designed to capture the actual waiting times for all supermarkets within the 20km radius of each user, allowing them to choose the most suitable supermarket to meet their shopping needs and time preference.

The easy-to-use app has a user-friendly interface that allows shoppers to navigate through it without requiring users to log in or write any input data. Queue Checker only requires users to choose the supermarket from the options provided by Google maps.

The fantastic shopping solution has already started to receive accolades from users across the globe. “Very easy to use and pretty accurate. It shows all the supermarkets with accurate waiting times. I love this app,” said Lasith Madushanka.

For more information about Queue Checker and how to be a part of the shopping revolution, please visit the app page on Google Play.

How is Queue checker different?

Queue Checker is an app, made for mobile phones and not a web page

  • Queue Checker records the waiting times and not the number of people
  • Queue Checker records the actual times and not estimates
  • Queue Checker only shows recent data from the last 15 minutes
  • Queue Checker allows seeing if the queue builds up or decreases