Questions asked over rough road resealing

Evelyn Road resident Graham Grace holds some of the stones laid as part of the new seal in the road. Times photo Chris Harrowell

“Disgusting” is the word Graham Grace uses to describe how part of his east Auckland road looks after it was recently resealed.

Grace, who lives in Evelyn Road, Cockle Bay, was surprised to see contractors putting down a layer of brown material, which appears to be sand, while resurfacing a segment of road outside his home.

He took photos of the work and contacted Howick ward councillor Sharon Stewart to express his concerns.

There are numerous dark patches on the road’s surface where imperfections appear to have been repaired as well as piles of loose stones scattered by the kerb.

“There was nothing wrong with the surface before,” Grace says.

“I had no holes in front of my place when they put the new surface down.

“There were three or four noticeable ones [in the road] but nothing compared to what we’ve got now.

“All we had was a little bit of tar bleeding through from the last reseal they did.

“It’s worse after the job’s been done. They’ve got more holes to repair now than before they started.”

Grace estimates “at least” a cubic metre of the brown material was placed on the road as part of the resurfacing work.

“It got spread right across the road and up.

“They dumped a whole lot of metal there and a grader started to push it back over the top.”

Stewart visited Grace to talk to him about the issue and to inspect the resurfacing work.

She’s also been in contact with Auckland Transport.

“I’m pleased I’ve been contacted to have a look at it,” she told the Times.

“I’m horrified to see they [may have] used sand.

“We need to get AT to explain why they used sand and it sounds like it was truckloads of it.”

AT spokesperson Natalie Polley says: “Unfortunately, some parts of the recently repaired pavement (surface) have failed at Evelyn Road.

“Remedial works are required and the contractor Fulton Hogan are investigating the issues.

“They have organised input from a pavement specialist.

“Regarding the brown sand material, this was brought to the site to help with backfill for the burst water main.

“It was removed and replaced with base course before the sealing took place.”

Polley says the current work in Evelyn Road is the first stage and a second coat of seal will be applied during the next sealing season 2021/2022.

“The main area of concern regarding failures in the sub-grade is the third section of this work up past Coates Road to Litten Road.

“This area has been recommended for pavement rehabilitation since 2017/2018, but was not likely to make the regional prioritisation cut-off due to budget considerations.

“Some structural issues were to be expected in this area and one dig-out was completed during the works, however more failures have developed.

“The pavement specialist engaged by the contractor has reported back with the proposed method for remedial works in this area.

“The contractor is planning to complete these works the first week in June, weather permitting.”