Probus Day: seniors just wanna have fun!

Howick East Combined Probus Club celebrated Probus Day at the Howick Bowling Club. Times photos Farida Master

After the uncertainty and the anxiety that seniors have gone through during lockdown, the  Probus Day celebration hosted on Tuesday by  Howick East Combined Probus Club was a welcomed with open arms by the members.

While many Probus Day get together in New Zealand and Australia were cancelled in October due to Covid-19, Howick East Combined Probus Club took pride in the fact that they were one of the few clubs that took the initiative to celebrate fellowship, foundation and fun for seniors in the community

Out in large numbers at The Howick Bowling Club, the dress code was a cheerful yellow and blue and the idea was to have fun.

After initiating five new members to the club, the morning kicked off on a musical note with singer Gordon Evans regaling the more mature crowd with old-time favourites followed by a quiz.

Jan Lucas, president of Howick East Combined Probus Club says, they have had a steady stream of new members, “as people obviously need to connect with others in the spirit of fun, friendship and fellowship which is our mantra”.

She says that there are some seniors for whom this is the only outing and chance to connect with people.

“Although our membership roll is over 130, we still have room for new members at present.  I am certain that joining our club will very much add to their enjoyment of life in retirement,” says Lucas.

With 13-sub groups that range from a book group and a scribblers group to wine appreciation, pétanque and a walking group among others, the members are already looking forward to the annual Christmas party next month with a performance by the versatile artist Lisa Lorrell.

Julia Banks, one of the members, says this combined Probus Club is more fun as it has both men and women members, “and you can get along your husband for club meetings”.




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