Saturday, May 18, 2024

Price of petrol up 20 cents before Govt fuel taxes

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Petrol prices went up 20 cents per litre, even before the Labour Government’s petrol tax increases, says National Party Transport spokesperson Jami-Lee Ross.

The Government’s extra 25 cents per litre tax increases started coming into force on 1 July, however figures released by Statistics NZ today show petrol prices for the year to June were up 20 cents per litre even before the Government fuel tax came into effect. 

“New Zealander’s will be seriously concerned about the extra fuel taxes in light of today’s new figures showing that petrol has already been on the rise under this Government,” Ross says.

“The additional taxes will lift the price of petrol by a further 25 cents per litre in Auckland – alone costing a typical commuting family up to $15 per week more than it does already.

Ross says the fuel taxes combined with the already rising petrol prices will mean Auckland households will be paying 45 cents per litre more in fuel under the Labour Government than they were this time last year – or around $27 more per week for an average family.

He says it is hard working low to middle income families that are most affected by higher petrol prices. 

“The Government can’t pretend it’s concerned about New Zealand families, particularly those on lower incomes, and then turn around and implement policies that make things worse,” he says. 

“This is a Government that is adding thousands of dollars a year in costs to Kiwi households through cancelled tax cuts, higher rents, slower GDP growth and the cost of petrol. Its bad policies and poor priorities are leaving Kiwis significantly worse off.”

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