Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Positive to see people ‘supporting local’

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Howick Local Board chairperson Adele White says it’s great to see more people enjoying local cafes. Times file photo Wayne Martin
  • By Adele White, chairperson Howick Local Board

Kia ora!

It’s pleasing to see more people out and about after an exceptionally quiet time for our local businesses.

I’ve heard from plenty of people who are seeking to find out which local food businesses will deliver, because they’re keen to ‘support local.’

Some of them have been isolating at home and have confessed they have no enthusiasm for cooking!

Anzac Day

Because of the Covid-19 traffic light system our Anzac Day Civic Ceremony on Stockade Hill will not be held this year.

The Howick RSA Dawn Service will still go ahead at 6am.

Residents can choose to have smaller neighbourhood commemorations like those held in 2020 and the RSA Poppy Day will go ahead on Friday April 22.

Seawall repairs

Construction of the Bramley Drive seawall suffered a major setback after physical works had begun in January. Sadly, members of the public jumped the barrier fencing, slashing the AquaDam, and making it completely unusable.

Since the incident, security has been monitoring the site afterhours to prevent further vandalism and work is under way again to continue the repairs.

We are seeing some amazing engineering occurring on the site.

Youth facility

We’re thrilled our Howick Youth Council now has its own Youth Space, located in the Botany Town Centre.

Opened on Saturday April 9 as a three-month pilot programme, it provides a meeting space for the youth council, and allows it to provide activities and connect with young people from our area in a safe space.

The Howick Local Board is constantly impressed with the variety, diversity and purpose of the youth council’s activities.

The youth council has grown into a solid model of youth leadership, creating a positive culture and a strong foundation on which to carry out its role.

Autumn action

The storm that swept through last month caused considerable damage to some of our parks and reserves.

In one incident, a tree fell on a footbridge running through Evelyn Park.

Council contractors responded quickly to clear the fallen tree and made the necessary repairs to the bridge so it could continue to be used safely.

Contractors will be scarifying and seeding most of our sports fields to ensure decent grass cover for the winter months.

Along with doing the sporting platforms, there will be a focus on giving our cricket blocks a good renovation after the season.

This summer has been challenging for our grounds staff because of the condensed cricket season and the amount of play.

It’s also been extremely warm with minimal rainfall, which has imposed additional challenges.

Gardens throughout the ward are currently being stripped and rotary-hoed for planting.

A new bed of annuals is now in the ground at Stockade Hill, growing to create a display in preparation for Anzac Day!

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