Positive case at local school

A positive Covid-19 case has today been confirmed at Shelly Park School.

Shelly Park School principal Ed Roper said in a note on its website this afternoon to parents, “Today we received information that one of our students has returned a positive Covid test.

“The health and wellbeing of our children, staff and community is a top priority.

“We have been talking with the MoE to identify any close contacts,”

The school is following guidelines around the timing of the infectious period and identifying any close contacts.

“Privacy is of huge importance during this time. School will remain open. If your child is a close contact you will have already received a message or phone call to alert you of this,” Roper said.

“If you are reading this message then your child IS NOT a close contact and they are fine to continue to come to school, as it is safe to do so.”