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Popular eatery serving up 60cm hotdog challenge

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Kiwi cricket star Colin Munro’s daughter Chloe prepares to take a bite out of the new 60cm hotdog available at The Apothecary Licensed Eatery in Howick. Times photos Chris Harrowell

Local hospitality legend Ted Waters has introduced a new item to one of his menus and he believes it’s the longest example of its kind currently available in the country.

The co-owner of The Apothecary Licensed Eatery in Howick is offering brave diners the chance to take on an American hotdog that measures an impressive 60cm.

It’ll be a blackboard special available for $30 and is designed to satisfy individuals with an equally large appetite or a family wanting a tasty meal.

“It’s just to be different from the rest and for a bit of fun,” Waters says.

“The toughest part has been finding a butchery that would produce it, which is a bit surprising.

“It’s either an eating challenge or a family meal. You can add sauces and sauerkraut and pickles and whatever you want.”

Colin Munro’s children Connor and Chloe with Ted Waters and the 60cm hotdog.

Waters says he’s unsure if someone could eat the whole hotdog on their own but he’s got a couple of mates who could give it a go.

He says if it turns out it isn’t the longest hotdog currently for sale in New Zealand “then we’ll go longer – we’re competitive”.

And his challenge to anyone who’s tempted to try it but isn’t sure they’re up to it is simple: “Don’t be a Nancy”.

To help gauge the hotdog’s popularity he recently served it up to New Zealand cricket star and Apothecary regular Colin Munro and his children Chloe and Connor.

The hotdog arrived from the kitchen inside an equally long bread roll.

It was adorned with tomato sauce, mustard and cheese and accompanied by caramelised onion, sauerkraut and gherkin.

It didn’t take Chloe and Connor long to cut it up and get stuck in and based on their expressions it appears the hotdog is going to be a winner.

Connor and Chloe were up the challenge presented by the 60cm hotdog.

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