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Poppy Day volunteers needed

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Getting ready for the Anzac Poppy Day campaign, Howick RSA vice-president Judith Chatwin is calling for more hands on deck. Photo supplied

The run-up to the annual Anzac Poppy Day is in full swing at Howick RSA and, as is the case every year, more volunteers will be welcomed to help spread the load.

Judith Chatwin and the team have been planning this for several months.

The campaign got underway last week when boxes of poppies were delivered to 40 schools throughout the Howick Ward.

For the 14th year Macleans College students will take poppy and collection boxes around businesses throughout the East Tamaki industrial area.

And last Monday boxes of 100 poppies along with collection boxes were dropped off to a myriad of businesses throughout the ward, including g retail shops, banks, doctors’ rooms, tennis club, garden centres and cafes.

Every year the RSA establishes key collection points in shopping malls throughout the ward and it is here there can never be enough volunteers.

They are needed to man the booths for four two-hour shifts from 8.30am-4.30pm on Poppy Day.

“We are always very grateful to volunteers, Mrs Chatwin said.

“We never have enough but it spreads the load. People can always bring a partner or a friend to share the shift.”

Volunteers prepared to man RSA booths on Poppy Day in the Howick Ward on April 12 can phone the Howick RSA on 534-9702 or send an email to admin@howickrsa.co.nz or leave a name and time on the RSA notce board.

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