Thursday, April 25, 2024

Police look into Green Gang scare

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Police are looking into an incident in which drunk teens – possibly from a gang – are alleged to have terrorised a family in Northpark.

A post on the Not So PC East Auckland Facebook page said: “Last night (Thursday night, Northpark) at about 7.40pm we had a knock at our door from the “Green Gang” looking for my 15-year-old son who is constantly being harassed by them.

“Four of them stood at the door with their bandana’s around their faces asking to see my son. When my husband asked for them to remove them they kept asking for my son. They were drunk and clearly on something else. The rest of the group were standing on my driveway,” the worried mum said.

“When my husband was asking what they wanted with him, they then turned and started walking away.  My husband followed as he wanted to ensure that they didn’t come back but I then heard a girl, her name is Brianna, saying “He is gonna die tonight” referring to my son.”

Police told the Times they received no 111 call.

“Police are aware of an incident at an address at Northpark on Thursday April 28 and a community police officer has since followed up with the occupants of that address,” police told the Times.

“There is no investigation, however community officers will be working with the young people involved to resolve the matter.”

Meanwhile the concerned mum said the youths were no older than 15 and “clearly up to no good”.

“This is not the first time that my son has been threatened by this gang. One of my neighbours called the police after she heard all the commotion going on but we are yet to see or hear from the police,” she said.

“ Where is the support for our teenagers when we need it. Clearly there is an issue here and if the police had bothered to show up last night, they would have been able to find these kids roaming around the streets and dealt with them all, (whilst they were all still drunk and high).

“I am tired of my son having to walk around constantly looking over his shoulder during the day and now not feeling safe in his own home. We are yet to actually find what the actual problem is and what they are wanting from him. He has no ties to them and does nothing to do with a gang.She said the so-called “Green Gang” is known to police.

“Something has to be done before it is too late. I don’t want another child to go through what my child is going through or for my child to be harmed in any way,” she said.

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