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Police execute search warrants on Killer Beez gang members

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Police seized vehicles and motorbikes from gang members on August 9. Photo supplied

East Auckland members of the Killer Beez gang are among those targeted by police as part of an investigation into alleged unlawful behaviour during a funeral procession.

Police executed 20 search warrants on August 9 to seize vehicles of interest from properties in suburbs including Half Moon Bay and Flat Bush, as well as in communities across south Auckland.

Counties Manukau East Police prevention manager, Inspector Rakana Cook, says 14 vehicles and motorcycles were seized and three people arrested during the operation.

He says police were deployed to the funeral, held at Manukau Memorial Gardens and which drew a large gang presence, on July 10.

Police have clear expectations around how the people involved needed to behave on the day and gang members were told police would respond to any issues, he says.

“The large gathering of bikes and vehicles affected part of the Southern Motorway and several people were witnessed driving dangerously or in un-roadworthy vehicles,” Cook says.

“Police have zero tolerance for driving behaviour that puts other road users at risk.

“The bikes and vehicles seized have been responsible for nuisance driving in the community, including doing burnouts in public areas and driving dangerously.

“The community has had enough and we hope this reassures residents that police will continue to target dangerous and nuisance driving.

“Any offending will be investigated and follow-up action taken.”

Cook says as part of the crackdown, a 27-year-old man was arrested for sustained loss of traction.

He will appear in the Manukau District Court later this month.

A 28-year-old man was arrested for dangerous driving, possession for supply of cannabis, and possession of a weapon.

He will appear in the Manukau District Court at a later date.

One other person was arrested for an unrelated matter while two other people were summonsed for dangerous driving.

Cook says police work hard to ensure their communities are kept safe.

He’s pleased with what he deems to have been a “very successful” operation.

“We employ a number of strategies to target offenders and reduce victimisation, including the execution of search warrants to recover vehicles unfit for road use.

“We will continue to actively target those involved in anti-social and criminal activity.

“All contain unnecessary risk for the riders themselves, which they extend out to the community through their driving behaviour.”

One of the motorcycles seized by police. Photo supplied

On the day of the funeral, Cook said police arrested two people following the mourners’ procession through parts of Manukau.

Police had a visible presence at Manukau Memorial Gardens, with a checkpoint in place for attendees, many of whom were associates of the Killer Beez, he said.

“The police Eagle helicopter also deployed to assist in recording the actions of the procession of vehicles and motorcycles.

“Both arrests were in relation to breaching their court imposed bail conditions.

“An imitation firearm was also seized by police.

“Further follow up enquires will now get under way into the driving behaviour by those involved in the procession.”

Police data released to the National Party in July showed there were nine gang members for every 10 police officers in New Zealand.

The ‘national gang list’ has grown to identify 9100 gang members, an increase of 70 per cent since Labour entered Government.

Cook asks anyone who sees dangerous or nuisance driving as it’s occurring to phone police on 111.

Alternatively, phone police on 105 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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