Petition: Vote No to euthanasia

Presenting their petition, from left, Mary Pepping, Jan Lucas, MP Simeon Brown, Kevin McCormick, Edel Roughton, James Roughton, Walton Morais. Photo supplied

Pakuranga MP Simeon Brown was presented with the local results of a nationwide petition asking MPs to vote ‘no’ to the End of Life Choice Bill.

Peter Thirkell, secretary of the Care Alliance, said 1929 voters in the eastern Auckland electorates (Pakuranga, Botany, Tamaki, Maungakiekie) had signed the petition since it was launched last month.

“The depth and breadth of concern about this bill is reflected in the rapid collection of signatures online and in person. It follows on from the 38,707 submissions to the Select Committee, of which 90 per cent were opposed.”

Dr Thirkell urged Brown to vote no at the Second Reading. “The clear evidence from the Select Committee hearings is that the bill is unnecessary, unsafe and unwise. This petition asks all MPs to follow those facts. Genuinely caring for people with chronic and terminal illnesses requires much more than offering a lethal injection.”

Brown said the End of Life Choice Bill is a “difficult and controversial issue”.

“I have been pleased to engage with people from across Pakuranga on both sides of the issue over the past year and value everyone’s opinion,” he said.

“I was pleased to accept this petition which represents a large number of people who oppose this Bill in the east Auckland community.

“As I outlined in my column in last week’s Howick and Pakuranga Times, I will be voting ‘no’ to this Bill as it is clear that no system of euthanasia, no matter how carefully designed, can ensure the most vulnerable in society are protected from coercion.

“Instead I believe we must be investing more into palliative care, and ensuring people are more informed around the rights they have in making advanced care directives.”


  1. Good on Simeon Brown (Pakuranga) to be voting ‘No’ . Hopefully Jami-Lee Ross (Botany) will also realise how important it is to vote ‘NO’.

  2. Hey I really agree with this petition because no matter how much they tweak the Bill, wrongful deaths are still possible for a variety of reasons.

  3. My main reason why I love New Zealand is the respect of life in regardless of what or who you are.

    We protect and support volunable and disadvantaged to embrace human dignity and our natural life. This make me proud to be a kiwi.

    I vote ‘NO’ to this euthanasia bill.

    I do not want my beloved country become a culture of death. Don’t go there.

    I have a social conscience and right that my generation and more to become a responsible and proud kiwi. We are here to support; not to destroy life.

    In reality, we all have some moments of feeling blue or down. It is Okay. We all need emphatic and sensible approach to restore hope.

    To take away life is a selfish and irresponsible shortsighted act. New Zealand is better than that.

    Let us keep up our kiwi can-do spirit to offer our generosity for those feel stuck.

    Let us have the courage like Sir Edmond Hillary to conquer ourself (selfish ego) and to embrace life. Thanks for reading.

  4. I support Dr Thirkell’s stance to vote NO at the Second Reading. I also concur with the evidence that came from the Select Committee hearings that this bill should not be changed. It is unnecessary, unsafe and unwise. This petition asks all MPs to follow those facts.
    People terminally or chronically ill need love, 24 hour care if required and hope that at critical times during their illness they may feel loved and safe. That they will discover the will to want to recover and continue their life. Even those terminally ill who know there is no recovery may feel peace at the end, by the love and care they have received. This must be far better than a lethal injection.

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