Pedestrian hit by bus in Botany

A pedestrian has been hit by a bus on Te Irirangi Drive yesterday afternoon.

The man suffered moderate injuries after being hit at the intersection near Te Koha Road outside Botany Town Centre.

Police responded to the incident at around 4.20pm after reports that a man was lying on the left-hand southbound lane.

The pedestrian was taken to Middlemore Hospital to be treated.

There were around 20 passengers on the bus when the accident happened, and were transferred on to the next bus on the route.

Auckland Transport spokesman James Ireland to the Herald the bus was a Howick & Eastern vehicle contracted to AT.

“The driver is quite shaken and will be taking tomorrow off work. He will be given all the support he needs,” Ireland said yesterday. “The bus has been released and is being taken back to the depot.”

An hour later there was a three car collision which further held up traffic on Te Irirangi Drive.

Nobody was injured in the second crash.