Thursday, February 22, 2024

Pakuranga MP:Shop local at level 2

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Since last Thursday New Zealand has been at Covid-19 Alert Level 2, opening up our ability to get back to some normalcy following our battle with the coronavirus. There is a lot of work to be done, particularly around small businesses and growing unemployment, but our fight against the pandemic has gone well, allowing us to think about the next steps.

Please familiarise yourself with the full list of changes under Level 2, which can be found by clicking here and visiting the Covid-19 government website. These will continue to change as we go forward so it is worth keeping on top of the rules to ensure we are doing everything right, and so that we don’t end up taking a step backwards.

Some of the major changes include the limit on the number of people we can have at gatherings. The Government originally announced a 10 person limit on most events and gatherings, but thanks to pressure from the New Zealand public this was lifted to 50 for funerals and tangi, which are vitally important times for Kiwi families. There are still concerns with this limit for other gatherings and how it affects our ability to live our lives, so hopefully these limits are raised in the near future.

From today, schools can reopen fully and students can return to their studies, and from Thursday this week bars will be allowed to reopen, though everyone must continue to follow relevant health and safety guidelines.

As I have said in previous emails, it is vital that we support our local businesses as they get back to work, so where possible, please shop local. The best pathway to a full recovery is through economic growth, so helping our local businesses re-establish themselves will go a long way for us all.


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