Monday, April 22, 2024

NZ ELECTION 2020: Taking Botany candidates for a spin

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Naisi Chen (Labour), Jami Lee-Ross (Advance NZ) and Christopher Luxon (National) will be answering questions from the public at the Botany Meet-the-Candidates evening on the rescheduled date of Tuesday September 29.

These heavyweight candidates for the Botany electorate will share their stories, outline their aspirations and set out why you should vote for them.

Lloyd Wong, the moderator for the candidate’s event, says, “Using a motoring analogy, we will take the candidates for a decent spin at the meeting to ensure that everyone is well informed about who they are voting for in October.”

In this election Wong considers the Botany voters have a lot to ponder with the high quality of the candidates.

“The incumbent Jami-Lee Ross is now a party leader of Advance NZ, which has joined up with the Public Party. Who are they, and what do they stand for?

“The National candidate is Christopher Luxon, so how will this businessman transition into a politician? Labour is standing the credentialed Naisi Chen, with a high Labour ranking, that will likely qualify her on current polling for a list MP position.”

Is getting to know the candidates important?

Wong says, “Yes, voting is an important choice. No different from choosing to buy your home or that particular car. You should inspect it first, check under the bonnet and see that your candidate is fit for purpose before you cast your vote.”

  • Come along and take the candidates for a spin at 7.30pm, Tuesday September 29, East City Wesleyan Church Centre, 219 Burswood Drive , Botany.

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