Now that’s a classic!

Reverend Dr Richard Waugh will display his 1954 Jaguar Mark VII at this year’s Auckland Brit and Euro Classic Car Show. Times photo Wayne Martin

An immaculate example of classic British engineering is among the more than 1000 automotive artworks set to be displayed to the public in east Auckland.

Reverend Dr Richard Waugh is the founder and organiser of the popular annual Auckland Brit and Euro Classic Car Show.

This year’s show will be staged at Lloyd Elsmore Park in Pakuranga on March 7.

Waugh is also the proud owner of a 1954 Jaguar Mark VII.

The classic luxury car will be among the vehicles featuring in a special section at the event paying homage to the Goodwood Revival motorsport festival held in the UK each year.

“It will have racing cars and cars with racing pedigree,” Waugh told the Times.

“There will be a Jaguar C-Type and D-Type, Buckler, Brabham, Arnolt-Bristol, Porsche 356A and a Cole-Baker Special.

“This car [the Jaguar Mark VII] won the Monte Carlo Rally outright in 1956.

“It was rather a surprise for what looks like a big car.”

Waugh has owned the vehicle, which has just over 88,000 miles (141,622km) on the clock, for eight years.

It’s powered by the famous 3.4 litre straight-six cylinder Jaguar engine, paired to an automatic transmission.

“This engine powered almost every Jaguar made for the next 30 years,” Waugh says.

“It was a revolutionary engine in 1950. It was so revolutionary it could out-accelerate and out-handle almost any American car of the era, even the V8s.”

The car was previously in the hands of an Auckland doctor, who about 15 years ago spent $60,000 restoring it, Waugh says.

“It was a one-owner car and rust-free.

“Jaguar did their best to almost emulate Bentley at a third of the price and they got quite a market on that basis. They look fantastic.”

Waugh says he’s taken the car on long drives to the Bay of Plenty and Waikato.

“I try to get it around Howick streets. People know it,” he says.

“It’s quite powerful but not like a modern car. It’s older than me.

“When they were warmed up and going there was nothing that could really touch them in 1954.

“They were mainly bought [when new] by doctors and professional people who had overseas funds and with a bit of money beyond the odd Morris Oxford or Vauxhall.”

To be displayed also are the finest examples of classic cars from manufacturers including Ferrari, Rolls-Royce, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren, Volvo, and Fiat, among others, and even an ex-New Zealand Army Scorpion tank.

Waugh says this year’s display will be the largest ever.

“Registrations have closed at 1235 cars and this is the sixth year we’ve grown. It’s quite astounding.

“Maybe it’s the Covid effect, with lockdown, people are keen to get out to an event and there’s an extra buzz.”

The Auckland Brit and Euro Classic Car show is staged from 10am-3pm on March 7.

It’s sponsored by Times Newspapers, NZ Classic Driver magazine, Protecta Insurance, and the Howick Local Board. Entry is free.