No parties, no socialising, no excuses-Police

Police are urging people to resist the temptation to socialise in gatherings that breach the Alert Level 3 restrictions.

Since the introduction of the Alert Level 3 restrictions Police have received 1,200 reports from the public to the 105 breach notification line in regard to mass gatherings.

Of the 1,200 reports 685 were received in the 24 hours between 6 pm 1 May and 6 pm 2 May.

“Under no circumstances should anyone be having a party under the Alert Level 3 restrictions.

Such behaviour could waste all the sacrifices made by our team of five million over the last five weeks,” said Acting Assistant Commissioner Scott Fraser.

Now is not the time to be complacent and we know from the volume of people reporting these parties and gatherings, that they don’t want to lose all the gains made in the collective effort to beat Covid-19.

“Police are prioritising attendance to reports of mass gatherings of 10 or more people.

Holding a party in the current environment is in breach of the Health Act and where appropriate enforcement action will be taken, this could be against the party hosts and the attendees,” said Acting Assistant Commissioner Fraser.

Since the introduction of Alert Level 3 restrictions Police have taken enforcement action against 514 people for breaches of either the Health Act or the Civil Defence Emergency Act.

Of the 514 breaches there have been 135 prosecutions and 342 warnings.

In the 24 hours between 6 pm 1 May and 6 pm 2 May Police took enforcement action against 112 people.