New touch premier league

Pakuranga United Rugby Club is leading the way again with a new premier league. Pictured are, from left, Kerry Marsh, Riki Enosa, Carl Llewelyn, Jamie Llewelyn, Bevan Overend, Chloe Overend, Cruiz Overend, Ope Seuseu, Hannah Seuseu, Noah Seuseu.

Pakuranga United Rugby Club (PURC) has been a leader in East Auckland Social Touch for many years and now in 2019 they have introduced a new Premier league competition to be played under lights on Thursday nights on Bell Park at 8.10pm.

The competition, known as Howick Liquorland Division One, was the concept of PURC staff and the local Loaded Club who recently gained associate membership status at PURC to allow them to access some of east Auckland’s best facilities.

“The idea is to have teams playing on Bell Park at the conclusion of our social rounds to show case touch and try to grow the game here at the Club” said Amanda Dyason.

“This gives us a chance to showcase quality players and teams in this area and it will be great for our local aspiring juniors to see each week.

The grade has seen 8 of the best teams in Auckland register to play, with many of the teams including some outstanding talent who have already played for both the NZ Warrior Touch side and NZ Touch.

“Local favourites will be our Loaded team which looking at the roster have a great chance to go deep into this competition later in the year” said Dyason.

PURC is also using this grade to help improve the quality of their officiating teams. In a real highlight for the Club they have three father/child combinations that shall be refereeing games.

“This is great for our module to be able to have these young referees so keen to officiate and having their parents supporting them is what our club is all about”,” she said.

The watch top grade Touch action get on down to Pakuranga United Rugby Club each Thursday night with the Dufty Bell Lounge open for viewing each week.