Monday, June 17, 2024

New president for Auckland Master Builders

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After 40 years in the construction industry, Ross Faulkner feels he’s made a lot of changes for the better and now he’s been rewarded with the opportunity to make some more.

Mr Faulkner, who owns Faulkner Construction in Howick, has been appointed president of the Auckland Master Builders.

The job is something he’d thought of as “nice to be in charge of at some stage” but had never set it down as a firm goal.

He said he got involved with the association because he was unsatisfied with the way some things were being run and his involvement has evolved since then.

Mr Faulkner believes he has been involved with some significant changes in the industry and has more to work on.

Having owned his business, Faulkner Construction, for 36 years, he immensely enjoys the role.

“With carpentry or building, you’re making a mark on the landscape. It’s always going to be there,” he said.

He now also enjoys seeing talented apprentices come through the system.

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