Sunday, May 19, 2024

NEW POLL: ACT boost means centre-right can form Govt

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National drops 0.9 points on last month to be on 35.6 per cent but retakes the lead over Labour who falls back 3.1 points to 33.8 per cent, according to the latest Taxpayers’ Union – Curia Poll.ACT sees a boost in support of 3.2 points to 12.7 per cent while the Greens are relatively unchanged on 7 per cent (up 0.3 points on last month).

The smaller parties are the Māori Party on 3.7 per cent (+0.8 points), NZ First on 2.6 per cent (no change), TOP on 1.7 per cent (+0.9 points), New Conservatives on 1.6 per cent (-0.1 points), and Democracy NZ 0.3 per cent (-1.3 points).

Assuming all current electorates are held, Labour is down 4 seats on last month to 44 while National is down 1 seat to 46. ACT is up 4 seats to 16 while the Greens are unchanged on 9 seats. The Māori Party is up one seat to 5.

The centre-right is in a position to form government with a combined total of 62 seats, which is up 3 on last month. The combined total for the centre-left drops 4 seats to 53.

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins’s net favourability score of +22 per cent is 6 points lower than last month and down 11 points on his March peak of +33 per cent.

Opposition Leader and Botany MP Christopher Luxon’s score of -7 per cent (-1 point) is at its lowest level since he became National Party leader in November 2021 while ACT leader David Seymour is on -11 per cent (-5 points).

Hipkins has a slight positive net favourability rating with National voters +7 per cent while Luxon has a score of -56% with Labour voters.

Among undecided voters, Hipkins has a positive net favourability of +30% while Luxon is on -26%. Seymour is on -32%.More detailed results are available here.

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