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New mosaic on display at the RSA

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MOSAIC: From left: RSA president Mike Cole, artist Frith Jenkins, artist Jane Dale and Howick Local Board chairman David Collings. Times photo Wayne Martin.

More than a decade ago, local artist Gabrielle Hoffman created mosaic artworks for Howick Village.

One was positioned on the side wall of the Howick Information Service, but over the years, it lost a number of tiles and started to look neglected.

Another was located on the front of a building at the top of Picton Street.

When that building was renovated, the mosaic on the front of that building was framed and used inside the business – formerly a dessert and ice cream bar.

Nowadays, no one seems to know where it disappeared to.

The final artwork was positioned on the Moore Street wall of Basalt, but it wasn’t long before it came adrift from the wall.

Former town centre manager Jenny Foster had high hopes the Basalt mosaic tiles could be re-used.

She contacted builders, artists, and applied on behalf of the Howick Village Business Association for funding from the Howick Local Board to keep street artworks as a community feature.

The Basalt mosaic tiles were eventually deemed unusable, but following the successful funding application, accomplished artists Frith Jenkins and Jane Dale collaborated for six months to create a new mosaic.

The beautiful artwork skilfully pieced together with coloured glass was inspired by the controversy surrounding Stockade Hill and the significant role it plays on Anzac Day.

It was gifted to the Howick RSA on Anzac Day this year and is now positioned on the front of the building for all to see.

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