Sunday, May 19, 2024

New Howick Local Board takes shape

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John Spiller earned the most votes out of all the candidates standing for the Howick Local Board in this year’s local elections. File photo

Based on progress results released this afternoon it looks like there’s going to be just one new face on the Howick Local Board for the next three years.

There are nine seats on the board with three each for the three subdivisions of Botany, Howick, and Pakuranga.

Botany subdivision representatives Mike Turinsky and Peter Young are in first and third place respectively, while newcomer Damian Light is in second.

Members John Spiller, Bo Burns, and Adele White are currently the top three vote winners in the Howick subdivision.

In the Pakuranga subdivision Bruce Kendall, Katrina Bungard, and David Collings are first, second, and third respectively.

Every candidate elected on today’s progress vote results was on the board during its previous term except for Light.

Spiller, who served as the board’s deputy chairperson during its previous term, was the highest progress vote  earner overall with 6,683.

The new board will be sworn in later this month.

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