Wednesday, May 22, 2024

New Conservative: Hong Kong situation requires clear NZ stance

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In a press release, New Conservative party called on the government to join with Five Eyes allies and add New Zealand’s signature to a joint statement condemning the continued removal of freedoms in Hong Kong.

New Conservative also calls on the government to give safe-haven status to Hong Kong businesses and citizenry alike, as our closest trading partner Australia has just done.

The latest national security law implemented by the Chinese Communist Party upon Hong Kong allows for anti-democratic powers including:

  • Crimes of sedition/secession punishable up to life in prison.
  • Enter and Search powers; prohibiting people under investigation from leaving Hong Kong.
  • Confiscation of proceeds related to any offence ‘endangering’ national security; also requires foreign and Taiwan political organisations/agents to provide information on activities concerning Hong Kong.
  • Setting up of Chinese government security forces.

While the language currently being used by the Labour/NZF/Greens government appears appropriate at first glance, it is notable that their policies have incrementally progressed New Zealand away from our country’s traditional Western values and towards aligning more with globalist, socialist thought.

Elliot Ikilei from the New Conservative Party. Photo Wayne Martin

It is also of great concern that the New Zealand government has separated itself from the Five Eyes alliance yet again in refusing to sign, with the remaining four allies, a joint statement condemning the continued removal of freedoms in Hong Kong.

“This latest separation is also a reminder that New Zealand was the first Western nation to sign up to the potentially dangerous Belt and Road Initiative,” says Elliot Ikilei, Deputy Leader, New Conservative.

New Conservative stands for the fundamental rights of all New Zealanders and will always defend our democracy.

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