Needles, wig, condoms found in Orangewood park

A resident stumbled upon a bag containing needles, a wig, condoms and mail addressed to several different people, when walking a dog on a usual morning excursion in Orangewood Park, Howick, on Tuesday (November 12).

The person contacted his wife, who shared the photos on a local social media page. She is concerned about kids being exposed to the needles, a scenario she describes as “a parent’s worst nightmare”.

 A bag containing needles often used for intravenous drug use was found in Orangewood Park. Photo supplied

The bag was found in close proximity to an area where a school walking bus starts off on its journey in the mornings. In the past she has noticed empty beer bottles and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) canisters strewn across the park.

The bag was handed into Ormiston police.