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Mixed doubles brings new players to the front

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Vivian Hutchinson, left, Jill Groenestein and HCC President Felix Groenestein. 

The Howick Croquet Club held its annual in-house tournament for the Pivot Trophy on Friday April 8 and again proved the value of this mixed doubles format.

The Pivot Trophy tournament has been very consistent since its introduction in 2009 in helping players new to golf croquet to get in to the winners’ circle because of the way it matches experience with inexperience in each pairing.

Again, this year the tournament attracted 24 competitors from throughout the Howick Croquet Club, and after a full-on day at 4pm, two games were re-set as finals to determine overall winners.

The Pivot Trophy is a much sought-after golf croquet prize as it comprises a miniature croquet hoop, two  mallets and the four coloured balls on a small polished wooden plinth and was originally donated by the South Auckland Pivot family.

Final results this year were :
White group competition winners and final winners Pivot Trophy – Veneta Hanson and Maureen Lowe
Blue group competition winners and Pivot Trophy runners-up – Vivian Hutchinson and Jill Groenestein.
[Both Veneta and Vivian have only been playing croquet two years].

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