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Luxon – National Government will rewrite New Zealand Curriculum

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Christopher Luxon says the National Party wants to raise education standards for all Kiwi school pupils. Photo supplied

National Party leader and Botany MP Christopher Luxon says his party will rewrite the New Zealand Curriculum if elected to Government at this year’s general election.

National would ensure every child has the basic skills they need in reading, writing, maths and science to set them up for further education and for life, he says.

Luxon is set to announce the first part of National’s education policy, ‘Teaching the Basics Brilliantly’, on March 23.

“Education is critical for unlocking a better future for all New Zealanders and equipping the next generation with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed,” he says.

“A world-class education system is essential for driving social mobility, helping break cycles of poverty, and giving every child the chance to live the life they want. 

“We cannot have world-class incomes and living standards without a world-class education system.”

Luxon says the current state of New Zealand’s education system is “alarming”.

Achievement has been declining for the last 30 years and a recent NCEA pilot exposed how far it’s fallen, with two-thirds of students unable to meet the minimum standard in reading, writing and maths, he says.

“National will not allow this to continue. National will make sure every child leaving primary and intermediate school can master the basics so they can succeed at high school and lead fulfilling lives.”

Luxon says National will rewrite the Curriculum to detail the “non-negotiable knowledge and skills primary and intermediate schools must cover each year in reading, writing, maths, and science”.

“At the moment, one curriculum level can span several school years which makes it difficult to identify and help children who are falling behind.

“Evidence shows children’s abilities are often underestimated and therefore the looseness in the New Zealand Curriculum means some Kiwi kids are learning the building blocks of reading, writing and maths later than they should.

“We need a lot more than Labour’s curriculum refresh. We must be more ambitious for our children.”

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