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Luxon urges supporters to ‘see through the attacks’

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National Party leader Christopher Luxon, centre, launched his re-election campaign for the Botany electorate on July 23. Photo supplied

National Party leader Christopher Luxon has accused the Labour Government of engaging in personal attacks against him because it doesn’t have a record to run on.

The Botany MP kicked off his local electorate re-election campaign in front of several hundred enthusiastic supporters at Botany Downs Secondary College on July 23.

Luxon rallied the party faithful with stern criticism of the current Government in advance of this year’s general election, to be held on Saturday, October 14.

The political ascent of the man seeking to become the next prime minister has been rapid.

He became the MP for Botany at the 2020 general election following a successful eight-year term as chief executive of national carrier Air New Zealand.

Luxon replaced Judith Collins as National’s leader in November 2021.

During his 30-minute speech at the Botany campaign launch, Luxon talked about the Labour Government’s track record on issues including crime, health, education, and the economy, and what National would do in those policy areas should it be elected.

He outlined New Zealand’s many positives and its challenges, including “that we are totally, utterly, completely going in the wrong direction at the moment”.

“If we’re really honest with ourselves and take a step back, we are actually not solving the problems we have and we’re not maximising the opportunities in front of us.

“That’s why I came to politics two and a half years ago.

“I’m used to solving problems, getting things sorted and getting things done, and that’s what I want us to do together as a country, so we can realise all the potential we have.”

Luxon said the Labour Government has mismanaged the economy “on a scale we have never seen before”.

“The Government is spending more, hiring more bureaucrats, taxing more and borrowing more.

“All of that has led to inflation and to cause huge pain and suffering for the New Zealand people.

“Government spending is up over $1 billion per week. It’s up 80 per cent to $137 billion [this year].”

He said people should ask if the country has seen an 80 per cent improvement in education, health, infrastructure and roading, or in crime.

“The short answer is no, we have nothing to show for it, we have no improved results or outcomes.”

Luxon said a National Government will fix the economy to reduce the cost of living crisis, tackle the underlying causes of inflation, restore law and order and personal responsibility, introduce stronger sentences for crime, and deliver “much better” healthcare and education to New Zealanders.

He said the general election is going to be close and the Labour Party “is going to go personal”.

“We can see it already and New Zealanders can see it already.

“They’ve come after me personally each and every week and try to attack us that way.

“They do that, they go personal, because they don’t have a record to run on and they don’t have the ideas they need to take the country forward and to make it better than it is.”

Luxon implored the audience to stay focused on the New Zealand people and taking the country forward.

“So see through the noise, see through the attacks, and stay focused on the task at hand.”

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