Luxon into Parliament, Brown retains seat

Christopher Luxon (left) is the new Botany MP and Simeon Brown has been returned in Pakuranga.

So, a quick wrap-up of General Election 2020 – Labour has had an historic win claiming 49.1 per cent of votes (winning 64 seats) with National collecting 26.8 per cent (35 seats).

Labour can easily Govern outright however if it chose to take the Greens on as a coalition partner, they would have another 10 seats.

The surprise of the night is the Maori Party claiming a seat and getting back into parliament after being ousted last election. ACT had a particularly strong outing taking 8 per cent of the votes and claimed 10 seats.

Last night’s results would mean local candidates Naisi Chen (Labour) and Damien Smith (ACT) get into Parliament on their party lists.

The Botany seat was returned to National last night after debutant Christopher Luxon comfortably won the seat with a margin of 4771 (total 16,661) against Chen.

Simeon Brown comfortably retained his Pakuranga seat for National with a margin of 9756 (he collected 18,977 votes in total).

Labour claimed the party vote in Pakuranga (40.3 per cent v 39.9 per cent) and Botany though (Labour 45.5 per cent v National 38.6 per cent).

Hype from the Advance NZ Party and its co-leader Jami-Lee Ross – the former Botany MP – proved just that with the party collecting just a total of 20,841 votes in all – less than 1 per cent of total votes cast in NZ. Also consigned to history is the kingmaker Winston Peters and his NZ First party which was pivotal at the last election.

Party Votes % of Votes Electorate Seats List Seats Total seats
Labour Party 1,169,397 49.1 43 21 64
National Party 638,393 26.8 26 9 35
ACT New Zealand 190,106 8.0 1 9 10
Green Party 180,224 7.6 1 9 10
Māori Party 23,938 1.0 1 1
New Zealand First Party 63,447 2.7
New Conservative 35,954 1.5
The Opportunities Party (TOP) 33,718 1.4
Advance NZ 20,841 0.9
Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party 7,637 0.3
ONE Party 6,470 0.3
Vision New Zealand 2,775 0.1
NZ Outdoors Party 2,593 0.1
TEA Party 1,869 0.1
Sustainable New Zealand Party 1,467 0.1
Social Credit 1,350 0.1
HeartlandNZ 1,293 0.1
Total 2,381,472 72 48 120