Lucky students wins ride to school in police car

Constable Nick Cockerel, Braxtyn, Tristan, Jayden and Riverina School principal Carol Dickinson. Photo supplied.

This morning one lucky Riverina School student got the school carpool of a lifetime.

Tristan MacCauley, 6, was the winner of this year’s Everyday Heroes ‘Win a Ride to School’ competition and was chosen out of more than 300 entrants to win a ride to school in a police car.

The object of the competition was to teach kids and their parents to remove all items that could be stolen from the inside of a vehicle.

In order to win, Tristan had to identify items left visible in a car that made it a target for theft and identify ways to minimise the risk of theft.

Tristan chose his brother Jayden, 10, and best friend Braxtyn, 6, to accompany him on his ride in a police car.

Bright and early this morning the three boys loaded their school bags into the police cat and were driven to school by Constable Nick Cockerell.

He also showed them everything they needed to know about police cars.

Waiting for them when they arrived at Riverina School was their principal Carol Dickinson and their fellow classmates.

The boys loved the trip and were calling out to their friends as they drove in the school gates.

Not only did the boys have an exciting Tuesday morning, they also learnt an important lesson on how to prevent car break-ins by removing any valuable items from the car.