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Local ‘Ten Pound Pom’ publishes book to help migrants

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Clifford Owler with Howick Local Board member Adele White at his recent book launch.

Long-term Howick resident Clifford Owler arrived in New Zealand from Glasgow in 1956 on the HMS Captain Cook to work as a baker.

Owler had taken advantage of the ‘Ten Pound Pom’ scheme – an opportunity to start a new and potentially exciting life in Auckland, on the other side of the world. Finding his ‘place’ in Auckland took quite a while, with many challenges and setbacks along the way. However, at 87 years old, Owler, can now look back with dignity and pleasure at having established a home in what he calls “our New Zealand”.

A passion to help other migrants, has recently led Clifford to recently publish a memoir: The Ordinary Life of a Ten Pound Pom.

In the book Owler shares his struggles and triumphs, in finding work, family and eventually home in Aotearoa-New Zealand. It is Owler hope that sharing his story will encourage new migrants to recognise the opportunities and beauty of their new country. Despite any initial setbacks they face, he hopes they can be as lucky and happy as he has been in his adopted country.

Owler has now lived in Howick sixty-years – having raised his children here as well as being involved in other local community initiatives. Notably, Owler has worked over the last 20 years with many new migrants to New Zealand, as part of the Manukau ESOL Home Tutoring scheme. He has really enjoyed helping these new migrants settle into their new home and has made several good friends, as a result.

If you are a migrant and would like a copy of Owler’s book (or are simply interested in reading his story), please email cliffordo@xtra.co.nz. Books are $20.

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