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Local Elections 2019 – the last of our candidate profiles

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Masooma Mehdi
Standing for Howick Local Board
Botany Subdivision

Kia ora, my name is Masooma Mehdi. I am a business owner, a mother, and a proud New

Masooma Mehdi.

Zealander who has called this country home for the past 25 years. I am standing for the Howick Local Board in the upcoming elections because I have a great passion to serve this community and make Howick into a happier, healthier and safer place to live.

I have 15 years of experience in community engagement and youth empowerment and have conducted all my work with integrity, compassion, respect and inclusivity.

I also chair an active youth group based in east Auckland and officially represent a humanitarian global organisation. I am also the co-founder of a nationwide campaign called YouAreUS which was formed in the wake of March 15 incident to bring more awareness, understanding and aroha between people of all walks and faiths.

My experience makes me well-equipped to be a strong voice for our diverse community as I can understand the issues and challenges faced by our society. Howick is a highly diverse community with its beautiful beaches, public facilities and, not to mention, great people!

As your representative, I will work on developing positive relationships between people of all faiths and cultures. I will also be committed to resolve the most pressing issues faced by Howick. Our local public transport facilities are woefully underdeveloped, and our environment needs care and attention. Our country has a mental health crisis and there is an urgent need to raise awareness on mental health issues and care, with our teen suicide rate being the highest in the western world.

I will make it a priority to engage our community in solving these issues and making Howick a better place.

Please feel free to visit my social media profiles to learn more about myself and my policies.

Mike Turinsky (Practical not Political)
Standing for Howick Local Board
Botany Subdivision

Elected in 2017, Mike Turinsky stood for Local Board because, he says, council had neglected the development of transport, facilities, basic amenities, footpaths, parks, safety and the local economy.

Mike Turinsky.

“We must push Council to get the job done, not just talk.” says Mike.

“Council should do the basics well. Residents want the Board to be practical, to work for them and get things done.”

Mike brings 25 years of business experience as CEO of a local non-profit youth organisation since arriving from Alaska 15 years ago. Mike says he is fiscally conservative and won’t waste funds.

Bringing new energy to the board, Mike says he achieved lighting at Barry Curtis Park (two years ahead of schedule).

“Children at risk training in the dark, with parents using their cars to light up the field…that’s just not right.”

Mike successfully advocated for footpaths on Ormiston Road, Point View Drive lighting for safety, illegal dumping, and safer crossings for Botany and Flat Bush schools/retirement villages. He works with the business association, Otara Waterways and the Youth Portfolio.

A family man who lives and works locally, Mike coordinates youth mentoring at local schools. He personally mentors students at Botany College (weekly). Mike says, “It’s important to be directly connected to the community.”

Mike works with residents, neighbourhoods, council and police for improved community safety. He wants swift completion of the Ormiston library/aquatic centre and the AMETI/Botany link.

“I will continue to strongly advocate to council to get the job done.”

Bruce Kendall (Independent – Vote for Change)
Standing for Howick Local Board
Pakuranga Subdivision

I’ve lived in Bucklands Beach for 50 years and my family has had good standing in the area since the 1920s.

Bruce Kendall.

My sister Barbara and I partly attribute our Olympic Windsurfing Medal successes to the Bucklands Beach area’s unique features.

I’ve coached sailors from a wide range of nationalities to win Olympic Medals.

I’m self employed and involved in business in New Zealand and overseas and now wish to spend more time at home with my young family, using my local and global experience to shape my community toward a better future.

Pakuranga has excellent potential to develop in a way that benefits our families, youth, work force, retirees and the local ecosystem.

I am an active member of the Bucklands & Eastern Beaches Ratepayers Association and want to see ratepayers’ money spent wisely, making positive changes for our area.

The Bucklands Beaches Restoration and Upgrade Project FB page and a 300 strong public meeting triggered a Tonkin Taylor report paid for by Auckland City Council to assist Howick Council towards solutions. Rather than criticise our representatives for lack of action, I’m standing to drive solutions for this project and many other matters.

I’ve joined Steve Udy and Wayne Huang because we each bring our own skill set and experiences to better represent a wider group. We can ensure better public consultation and can vote together, improving chances to make positive change.

To ensure the best result for you, please vote for our Pakuranga Team and Vote For Change.

Steve Udy (Independent – Vote for Change)
Standing for Howick Local Board
Pakuranga Subdivision

I am a long-time Pakuranga resident who is passionate about Pakuranga, the environment, and the people.

Steve Udy.

Prior to returning to New Zealand I ran major businesses overseas. And on returning to NZ, I wanted to put something back into my local community. I served on the Howick Local Board 2011 — 2016 and one of my major achievements was the completion of the Half Moon Bay Ferry Terminal.

I was also concerned about the impact the new Auckland Unitary Plan was going to have on our community and had myself approved as a commissioner to better understand and help residents. I feel that the situation will only get worse as developers try to push the boundaries.

My extensive business experience has helped me question council expenditure on behalf of the ratepayer which I feel is a critical role for a Board Member.

A little about my personal background – my family have been in Pakuranga from the 1850s with the family homesteads still in Udys Road. I am an active Rotarian. I am also President of the Buckland’s Beach and Eastern Beaches Residents and Ratepayers Association. Both of these positions give me a good perspective of issues and opportunities within our Pakuranga community.

A major driver for me this electoral term is that Bruce Kendall and Wayne Huang are also standing as independents for Pakuranga and together I think we can make a difference. I ask you to vote all three of us to drive a change on the Howick Board.

Wayne Huang (Independent – Vote for Change)
Standing for Howick Local Board
Pakuranga Subdivision

I’m been a Pakuranga resident for 21 years and I am a University of Auckland master graduate with a young family.

Wayne Huang.

As principal of a successful popular local language school, along with past Local Board experience, I have a track record of delivering successful, cost-effective, sensible, and practical outcomes. I champion bringing private sector discipline and accountability to public office.

I have shown my commitment to Pakuranga through local service, becoming the first Asian migrant on the Sunnyhills School Board of Trustees (2016-2019) and current Rear Commodore Power at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club.

I’ve also been Economic & Business and Ethnic Affairs Portfolios Leader for the Howick Local Board 2010-2013, deputy chairman of Manukau Council’s Botany Community Board, 2007-2010.

I, as part of Vote for Change Team, want to build a safe, resilient, inclusive, integrated community and provide better public consultation through a more proactive collaborative approach to local issues. If elected I will advocate for improved transport infrastructure and for our main local businesses: building, hospitalities, service and retail.

We would proactively support public facilities and engage with and support our many current recreational/sporting clubs, to promote healthy activities and interests for people of all ages. Our waterways, beaches and coastline assets (a defining character of our area), need to be restored or upgraded and protected for future generations.

Please Vote For Change Team of myself, Steve Udy and Bruce Kendall so the three of us can best present your interests to the Local Board and Auckland City Council.


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