Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Local board moves to daytime meetings

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The new Howick Local Board has changed the day and time of its monthly business meetings. Photo supplied Auckland Council

People who want to address the new Howick Local Board during the public forum part of its business meetings are now able to do so during the day instead of at night.

The previous board held its business meetings at 6pm on Mondays once a month.

That suited local residents who wanted to discuss an issue with the board and were available at night, but posed problems for people who weren’t able to make it at that time of day due to family or other commitments.

When the new board was sworn in and inaugurated on October 31, it chose its new chairperson, Damian Light, and deputy chair, Bo Burns.

Its members also voted to change the day and time of their business meetings to 12pm on Thursdays each month.

The first business meeting of its new term will be held in its meeting room at the Pakuranga Library complex in Aylesbury Street at 12pm on November 17.

The board’s second business meeting will be held in the same location at 12pm on December 8.

That will also be its final business meeting for the year.

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