Lions BBQ destroyed at Eastern Beach

Bucklands Beach Lions Club president Geoff Barnett (left) and the club’s vice-president Roger Robinson. Photo Nick Krause

Vandals have destroyed a community BBQ which has incensed the Bucklands Beach Lions Club who put the facility in at great expense in August 2016.

The BBQ, which carries a Lions Club plaque, was likely vandalised over the weekend of February 16 and 17. The Lions had spent several years raising funds – around $13,500 – and seeking appropriate consents  to have the BBQ built with the assistance of Auckland Council at Eastern Beach.

It has also raised the question of whether surveillance should be considered for the area at the southern end of the beach, beyond the last of the homes on The Esplanade and on the former camp site – a very popular area is summer.

“We’re just devastated,” said Bucklands Beach Lions Club president Geoff Barnett.

“This project first came up probably five years ago and (the BBQ) has been here two years).”

He has already met a member of council at the site. The BBQ, once built, is classified as a council asset.

“We’re hoping that council are going to replace it,” said Barnett.

Vice-president Roger Robinson called the vandals lowlifes.

“It’s shocking. What sort of satisfaction can they possibly get out of destroying this.”

Said Barnett: “They’re actually harming the community.”