Lily Whyte is accepting donated bras and swimwear

Lily Whyte has teamed up with Project Uplift.

Lily Whyte has teamed up with the Project Uplift to collect donated bras to recycle to women in need.

Women in disadvantaged communities are often short on essentials – one being bras – as their main concern is to feed their families.

In parts of the Pacific, undergarments are unaffordable and difficult to obtain.

Bras prevent rashes and fungal infections as they allow for air circulation.

Nursing mums are often leaking and a bra will give them dignity and support.

In response to this Project Uplift collects new and second hand bras and sends them to communities in New Zealand and the Pacific Island.

Since 2005 Uplift has sent over two million bras wherever women requested them.

Juliet Campbell, co-ordinator for Project Uplift, noticed that there were no local ‘Drop Off’ points for Howick.

“That’s when I teamed up with Lily Whyte so there could be a local drop off point,” Campbell says.

Campbell is also collecting bras in conjunction with Inner Wheel Howick.

Inner Wheel Howick is a women’s friendship and service organization.

Donated swimwear is also great, Campbell says. It helps keep women warm when fishing of diving.

If you have any unused or unfitting bras at home, you can drop them off at Lily Whyte Lingerie Gifts at 113 Picton Street Howick.

All bra sizes and conditions are accepted and welcomed.