Friday, June 14, 2024

Lightning blows up garden, fuseboxes

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The damage. Photo supplied

A Cockle Bay couple is counting its lucky stars after lightning struck its property, blasting the garden and blowing up two fuseboxes.

Ashley and wife Lorna (they asked not to publish their surname) and their dog have had to move out of the Trelawn Place house following the lightning strike on Monday at around 4.50pm.

Ashely said lightning sturck the Norfolk pine on the property. The percussion from the strike was enough to blow out the neighbour’s windows.

“It blew the water feature out of the garden, tracked into the house and blew the fuse in the street. It took out our fuseboxes in the garage and downstairs – a cover was (blown out) and embedded in the gib (of the wall opposite),” he said.

A part of the bamboo fence, entwined with copper wire, was blown out too.

“I was working in the office – it was like a blue flash… it was three to five seconds,” said Ashley.

“The house filled with smoke – the smell of burning wires.”An electrician, power company Vector and an insurance company assessor were surveying the damage.



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