Knitting for the homeless

Audrey Gustard, 89, is spending her days knitting beautifully warm scarves to give to those who won’t have a roof over their heads this winter.

Audrey Gustard believes that with a lot of yarn and a little effort she can make a difference.

The soon-to-be 90-year-old is preparing for winter by knitting scarves for Auckland’s homeless.

It’s her second year knitting for those who don’t have a roof over their head.

“You walk down Queen Street nowadays or turn on the news and you see so many people living on the streets and it’s getting worse,” she says.

“The least I can do is make their lives a little easier by helping to keep them warm.”

She sits with a pile of about 10 multi-coloured scarves in front of her, each with a distinctly unique colour scheme and pattern.

“Most people think I’m mad worrying about the pattern, but I don’t see why these scarves can’t be useful and pretty,” she grins.

She only started three weeks ago but already she is running low on wool.

If anybody has any unneeded wool lying around the house she says she would happily take it off their hands so that she can knit as many scarves as possible.

“The more I can make the better,” she says.

All the scarves will be given to a community group called Feed the Homeless Auckland.

The group was started in 2016 collecting regular donations and taking them into the city as part of its work helping people who are living on the streets.

  • To donate wool to Audrey Gustard please contact the <ITALICS> Times.
  • If you want to knit your own warm clothing items for the homeless, get in contact with Feed the Homeless Auckland through their Facebook page.