Sunday, February 25, 2024

Jailed mother in Covid case to speak at National Rally for Freedom

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Protesters marched down Queen Street last month in anger over lockdown. Photo Newshub
The co-leaders of Advance NZ, Billy Te Kahika and Jami-Lee Ross – the current MP for Botany – will be standing shoulder to shoulder with the mother who was “unjustifiably jailed” under Covid-19 laws last month.
The mother, known as LK (name withheld), will speak at the National Rally for Freedom, organised by Advance NZ at Aotea Square at midday tomorrow.
“We grieved for LK and her whanau as she was made an example of last month,” said Te Kahika.
“She is one New Zealander who has suffered a considerable loss because of the Government’s responses to Covid-19.”
He claims the mother was unjustifiably jailed.
“That’s why we are holding this National Rally for Freedom; to show the nation that it’s time to stand up and be counted.”
He said the mother was desperate to help her children see their father one last time before he was buried.
“Even though her and her children tested negative, she was treated appallingly and thrown in prison for two weeks,” Te Kahika said.
“Now we are asking thousands of New Zealanders to turn out to call for a halt to Labour and National’s failed lockdown strategy.
“New evidence is showing us lockdowns don’t work. New advice is telling us Covid-19 is nowhere near as lethal as we were misled to believe.
“New strategies show we can and must learn to live with the virus as a nation, just like we do with every other seasonal illness that comes our way.”
the co-leaders believer lockdowns at any cost are unsustainable.
“We ask fellow New Zealanders whether they are prepared to endure years of this strategy, or do they want to rally together to say we have had enough,” he said.
“Freedom, liberty, and human rights are not luxuries that we give away to Government whenever we are told to.
“That’s why we must all come together on Saturday at the National Rally for Freedom”.
The rally – held in the midst of Alert Level 2.5 in Auckland – starts at Aotea Square, Auckland, at midday.  
It is being organised by Advance NZ with the Liberty March movement.

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