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It takes a village to raise an exhibition

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A replica of Queen Victoria’s wedding dress.

Under the inspirational guidance of the exhibition curator, Ros Palmer, the team of volunteers and staff at the Howick Historical Village have worked together to provide a mind-boggling display of all things Victorian to celebrate the 200 years anniversary of Queen Victoria’s birthday.

To quote Village Manager Kerry Powell: “What Ros has created is just fantastic and provides an excellent interactive experience for visitors of all ages. It has all come from Ros’s individual ideas and creativity. By harnessing and fostering the skills of the supporting team, the exhibition has been brought to practical reality.”

The public is invited to enjoy the exhibition through to mid-July. Visitors will be delighted to discover many quirky and interesting stories relating to a monarch whose influence still touches many lives today.

“For example, did you know that Queen Victoria is the reason that wedding dresses are white! ” said Kerry.

“Her influence was extensive throughout the empire and her name lives on all over the world in parks, geographical landmarks, street names, even our very own Queen Street which was named in her honour in 1840.”

The exhibition is placed throughout the delightful historic houses and cottages at the Howick Historical Village. Check out Eckford’s Cottage for themes of music, song and dance, dogs and coronation, the Courthouse for the theme of assassination and the grand homestead, Puhi Nui, for themes of diet, whiskey, childbirth and mourning to name a few.

There are also interesting hands-on activities which include penny rubbings, making your own coat of arms and family tree, and a postcard location competition.

The ongoing royal celebrations will include Meet the Villagers on June 16 which will be a lively affair with fun and games, old fashioned crafts, cooking and activities.

In July between June 8 and 19 (Monday to Friday), have some fun during the school holidays and discover the amusing story of Queen Victoria’s underpants.

For further information check out the Howick Historical Village website or phone 576 9506.

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