Internet restored on Waiheke

Internet services were cut to Waiheke Island from the Howick side of the harbour.

Internet services have been restored on Waiheke Island.

Lines company Chorus has confirmed repairs were concluded in the early hours of Tuesday morning, some 12 hours after the outage.

Chorus technicians worked through the night to resolve the issue, which was pinpointed to a small section of fibre on the Chorus’ network near Howick.

A new section of fibre was installed and services were fully restored at 2.35am.
Chorus technical teams investigated a suspected fibre cut between Howick and Waiheke at around 3pm on Monday April 8.

A number of Chorus telecommunications services were impacted including both copper and fibre broadband on the island. Chorus estimated at the time some 4000 households and businesses were affected by the outage.