International food festival a huge success

Howick College students at the international Food festival. From left: Shamini Raman, Finau Cava & Sheetal Pandey. Times photo. 

More than $2500 was raised at Howick College’s annual international food festival.

Hundreds of students came together last week to prepare food, sell tickets and organise stalls for the event.

The festival is held by Ingham House every year to raise money for a chosen charity.

This year the money will go towards purchasing an e-braille book and towards a guide dog puppy for the Blind Foundation NZ.

The stalls featured East European, German, Korean, Czech, Chinese, Filipino, Fijian Indian, Indian, South African, Abkazain, Brazilian, Maori, English, Greek, Pacific Islands, Italian, Swedish and Wakanda (Africa).

Ingham House leader and head girl Inka Pleiss says every years the international food festival brings the community together.

“Everyone plays a part – students, teachers, staff and parents alike. The planning in all honesty is terrifying – there is always a fear that not enough will buy tickets, that not enough food will be made, but when everything comes together as perfectly as it did last Friday, the adrenaline rush is real,” she says.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better team or a better day and the food festival remains the school’s jewel charity event.”

The food festival was part of the Howick College culture week which also included a multi-cultural performance at lunchtime and a national costume parade.

Howick College students Hayley McMillan, Aaron Beintkeu, Robert Limm, Mia Taylor, Lisa Collins & Madita Pleis. Times photo.
The italian stall at Howick College’s International Food festival. From left: Mollie Salt, Grace Voorhoeve, Meg Pinho, Michelle McKeown & Jamie Rollason. Times photo.