Sunday, April 14, 2024

Howick Ward Councillors urge locals to have their say

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Howick Ward councillors Sharon Stewart and Paul Young. Photos Auckland Council
Auckland Council is now seeking feedback on the 10-year Budget, what’s important to you, and how to pay for it.

Howick Ward councillors Sharon Stewart and Paul Young are calling on everyone to have their say and give feedback on the most important 10-year Budget for our city.

Councillor Stewart says, “We need to hear what the community is concerned about, what their hopes and aspirations are for this city.

“Covid-19 has impacted revenue from Ports of Auckland, public transport, regulatory services, conventions and stadiums, and Auckland International Airport all tipped to fall.”

A revenue drop will impact the next three years, with a $540 million revenue shortfall between now and 2024 – around $1 billion since the pandemic. The council is committed to prudent financial management and savings, while maintaining services Aucklanders rely on and supporting the region’s economic recovery.

Councillor Young agrees. “While the effects of Covid-19 have impacted Auckland Council’s balance sheet, it has not changed the urgent need for investment in the East to meet our growing population.

“We need to improve our transport options for east Aucklanders. We also want to make sure we invest enough in the facilities that provide vital spaces and services to the community, such as our libraries, parks, sports fields and recreation centres.

“The proposed budget package delivers record investment in the infrastructure of $31 billion over 10 years. A few examples of this investment for the East include the continuation of the key transport projects such as the Eastern Busway, route protection for the Airport to Botany rapid transit project, and bringing forward infrastructure projects to improve water quality for East Auckland beaches.

“We also need to step up Auckland Council’s climate response so that we are on track to meet our region’s goal of net-zero emissions by 2050.

“The proposed budget steps up our investment and includes increased planting of mature street trees across the region and 200 hectares of native forest, speeding up the transition to electric buses, and preparing our coasts for effects of sea-level rise.

“Our diversity is one of its greatest strengths. East Auckland one of the most multicultural places in the country and that’s why we want to hear from everybody about what is important to them and their family.

Howick Local Board Chair Adele White says the focus of the local board is continuing to be on health and well-being and supporting growth in Howick.

“Through Auckland Council’s 10-year budget we are advocating to the Governing Body for additional funding so that we can complete projects that have been impacted but are a priority.

“With the growing population in Howick, we need our transport projects to continue as planned in pre-Covid-19 time, so we have the infrastructure to cope with the needs and demands.

  • You can submit your feedback from February 22 to March 22 .

For more information and to have your say, visit

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