Howick local board inauguration- New Chairperson installed

The inauguration of the recently elected Howick Local board was held on Tuesday 4 November at Uxbridge in Howick.

Incumbents, Katrina Bungard& David Collings, have been joined on the board by newcomer Bruce Kendall, a former Olympic gold medallist in boardsailing, and local business owner Bo Burns.

Returning members from Botany and Pakuranga subdivision’s included John Spiller, Mike Turinsky, Adele White, Bob Wichman and Peter Young.

Bungard was notable by her absence on the night, having chosen to spend her evening pressing her claims for selection for the vacant National party nomination for Botany. This proved to be in vain as ex-Air New Zealand CEO, Christopher Luxon was chosen to contest the seat, across the suburb at the National party’s new office in Chapel road.

After An introduction of Maori protocol by a local Kaumatua, the ceremony was officially opened and board members were called up one by one to be inaugurated.

Adele White was elected the chair of the Local Board. Photo Wayne Martin

None of the candidates, with the exception of Adele White, chose to start their acceptance of oath without attempting to speak a few words in Te Reo.

A crowd of around 70, mainly made up of family and supporters of the elected, shunned the evening sun and were given a surprise when David Collings was not retained in the chair role installing former Police officer Adele White into the position, after a unanimous vote.

The vote to delay the election of a vice-chair was raised, and ultimately upheld, and the matter was adjourned to the next meeting of the board.