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Howick College students meet Ed Sheeran

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Local students Peter and Asher say Ed Sheeran is just as they imagined he’d be after winning a competition to meet the singer in person.

Two deserving Howick College students have been left star struck after meeting Ed Sheeran over the weekend.

Sixteen-year-old Peter Garofalakis and Asher Hall say winning a radio competition to meet their long time idol was a dream come true.

In September last year Peter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and has spent the past few months undergoing intensive cancer treatment.

“It’s been really tough over the last few months and I haven’t been able to go to school, or play sports, so music has been a huge part of keeping me going,” he says.

Peter says he has spent hours listening to Ed Sheeran songs during his treatment.

“His music has always lifted my spirits and helped Asher and I get through some really tough days,” he says.

Peter’s girlfriend, Asher, entered him in the competition saying, “The chance for Peter to meet someone he looks up to would be of great encouragement particularly in times to come as this journey of his is a long one.”

Asher says there was nobody more deserving of the meet and greet than Peter.

“Over the past few months he has endured many hospital stays, anaphylactic reactions to medication, not being able to go to school, not being able to play the game he loves (football) and losing his hair but has faced it all with amazing courage,” she says in her competition entry.

The couple say Sheeran was exactly as they had hoped he would be.

“He gave us lots of hugs and he was really kind and easy to talk to,” Asher says.

Not knowing if Sheeran had been briefed on their back story, Asher says she slipped it into conversation as the meet and greet was coming to an end.

“He didn’t need to say anything, I knew he understood,” Peter says.

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