Sunday, February 25, 2024

Hopportunity knocks on Pohutakawa coast

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Clevedon may well be the new home of craft beer in the south-east.

The Old Clevedon hotel is currently undergoing refurbishment, and is expected to open in late 2019, remodelled as a Hallertau brew bar.

In a media release, Hallertau has said, “We have been brewing up the good stuff in Riverhead, north west Auckland since 2004. In late 2019 we will be opening our second brewpub, in Clevedon, on the site of the old Clevedon Hotel & Pub. We will be a family-friendly, community focused business specialising in hopping good beer and fine fare.”


Hallertau’s website describes its offerings of ‘diverse house-made beers … elevated small plates, burgers and mains, in a warehouse-style setup’.

Clevedon, a historical settlement considered the home of polo and the gateway to Duder Regional Park, is an area of projected growth, with new housing developments in the works and a major stormwater infrastructure overhaul in progress.

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