Helping young people find their voice through music

Establish Music’s Frances Dickinson.

Establish Music’s Frances Dickinson wants to give the next generation of New Zealand recording artists the opportunity to find their voice through music.

In January 2021 Establish Music will launch ‘Getting Vocal’, a two-week-long songwriting competition for aspiring singers and songwriters. Dickinson describes the inspiration behind the competition as “a chance for young musicians to put their voices into the world and express what’s important to them by learning the songwriting tools and techniques we teach our professional clients”.  

Dickinson is a leading music coach and has worked with some of New Zealand’s biggest musical artists including Grammy award winner Lorde and Six60. She will be joined by an impressive lineup of judges, including Ashy, Indyah, Randa and Airports, who have their own successful music careers. The artist with the winning song will receive $1600 worth of coaching prizes.

The competition is open to all unsigned music makers under 25 and will run through Establish Music’s online Facebook community ‘The Hub’.

In the build-up to the competition, Dickinson is providing two weeks of free online coaching content focused on singing and songwriting for young artists. This learning opportunity is part of Establish Music’s larger vision to bridge the gap between standard music lessons and record label development services.

“Most people don’t realise success music careers aren’t just built on talent. Having a professional grasp on the techniques behind singing and songwriting is a key influencing factor to how well an artist will do.” says Dickinson.

“Our job is to help show these young artists how to use these tools so they can build a career that equals that of their overseas competitors – something New Zealand artists have proved themselves capable of time and time again”.

Christchurch based recording artist and judge Ashy, who has worked with Establish Music in the past) is continuing to achieve success with her latest single “DNL (Don’t Need Love) which is on Apple music’s Top 100 songs list of 2020.

“I’m super excited to have been asked to help pick the winner of this competition. As a songwriter and artist I’ve learned so much from Frances about how to improve my vocal performance in the studio & live shows. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s amazing work!”

Entries are now open, and the coaching workshops start on January 4.

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