Heavy rainfall pushes dam levels above 50 per cent capacity

Heavy rainfall in the past 24 hours has brought dam levels up however Auckland’s capacity levels are still way off the usual levels for this time of year. Photo Watercare

Auckland’s dams have received a welcome top-up pushing them to their highest level since early April.

Watercare today confirmed that while the dams still need a significant amount more water, overnight rain has nudged capacity levels up to more than 50 per cent.

“We are delighted to see significant rain has fallen overnight in our western catchment–and now total dam storage is at 51.3 per cent. They were last at this level on April 8,” a Watercare spokesperson said.

“Our southern dams, in the Hūnua Ranges, do however still need significantly more rainfall and we’d like to encourage Aucklanders to continue with their water conservation efforts.

“Since the start of the drought in November 2019, we have received less than half the normal rainfall.”

In the Hunua Ranges to midnight last night there was 4.5mm recorded and 101mm in the past week while in the Waitākere Ranges there was 20.5mm of rain recorded yesterday and 100mm for the past seven days.

“Between 12am and 8am our catchments have received further significant rain,” Watercare said.

There was estimated to have been 10mm-250 mm in the Hūnua Ranges and 40mm-60mm in the Waitākere Ranges.

Dam levels yesterday were at 49.2 per cent compared to 78.53 per cent capacity which is normal for this time of year.

Water consumption – which is subject to mandatory restrictions – is above the seven-day rolling average of 402 million litres per day with yesterday’s consumption at 405m litres a day. The target for June is 405m litres or less a day.

Meanwhile the Waikato River treated water flow is 149m litres.