Have you got your maths eyes?

Year 2 Room 6 children at Bucklands Beach Primary displaying their Maths Eyes posters.

Students at Bucklands Beach Primary School were buzzing recently as they opened their Maths Eyes, the theme for Maths Week 2021 @BBPS.

Maths is everywhere and the students were on the lookout for examples of this.

Each day each classroom displayed a new poster showing a real life example of maths. Each photo was accompanied by a question requiring the children to answer. Names of winners were drawn daily and announced on the daily notices.

Students then had the opportunity to create their own Maths Eyes poster using the environment around the school.

This activity created lots of excitement as children looked around the school to find the most interesting Maths Eyes photo. The photos will now be used to create a Maths Eyes trail around the school.

As well as the online activities from the Maths Week site, the children were involved in many outdoor activities using maths and highlighting the fact that maths is everywhere.